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174/250 Sold

Homespace Domain Lands

What are Homespace Domain Lands for

Homespace Domain Lands are virtual worlds that offer a permanent spot on our public map to showcase your AI replica, project, and engage a wide audience. Here, other users can interact with your AI replica or assistant, allowing your AI to host AMA sessions, teach, or present your project in an engaging and interactive manner. Each Land has its own HTTP link.

What is the Homespace public map

The Homespace Public Map is a global map with a few public worlds where users can interact with each other and AI replicas of famous people, along with other notable projects like zkSync, Chainlink, and Coinstore. By securing a spot for your virtual space on the Homespace Public Map, you can increase visibility and gain recognition, making it an ideal location for your business or AI replica to flourish in a dynamic and engaging virtual environment.

How can I use Domain Land?

You will have the opportunity to use this space to rent, sell, or showcase your project, or use it as a place to leave behind your AI replica for your loved ones or the general public once our MVP launches in Q4 2023. By the end of Q3, you will be able to customize your space and add information about your project. You can also order an Early Access AI replica for your project and a creating Premium Space to start using the advantages of Homespace before others.

Random Position With Chainlink Randomizer

When you buy a Homespace Domain Land, you get a planet placement in one of 8 circles. Closer to the center means better location. Each planet comes with a virtual space and a smart contract with funds for AI. By incorporating Chainlink VRF into the land allocation mechanism, we help ensure that users have an equal opportunity to acquire prime locations, creating an exciting and equitable experience for all.

174/250 Sold


A = 2.27%

B = 4.55%

C = 6.82%

D = 9.09%

E = 13.64%

F = 18.18%

G = 18.18%

H = 27.27%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected timeline for the launch of the Homespace MVP, and what features will it offer?

The minimum viable version of the Homespace project will be launched by the end of the 2023, and users will be able to use the virtual meeting service and speak to public AI assistants by the end of the summer.

How exactly will the lands work after the MVP is launched?

Owners of lands (with land represented as an NFT in their wallet) will have an additional panel available next to their plot on the Public Lands map. Clicking on it will open a menu where you can get a link, change the appearance, description, preview, and virtual world of your plot, as well as attach your created AI replica.

What is the price of a Homespace Domain Land, and how can I purchase it?

The current price is 199 USDC, and you can purchase it by paying the full amount from your wallet.

In which chain can I make a purchase?

On Polygon.

How much lands from the total supply will be sold at this stage of sale?


Is there a limit to the number of Homespace Domain Lands that one person can purchase?

Yes, the limit is no more than 2 per person.

Are there any additional fees or maintenance costs associated with owning a Homespace Domain Land?

After the land is actively used (not just owned), there will be a small fee no more than the price of regular web hosting, necessary to pay for servers and support the operation of your public world. The cost of using the AI assistant will be calculated separately using the Pay-as-you-Go system.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be hosted on a Homespace Domain Land, or any guidelines that users should follow?

Yes, you cannot host any type of content prohibited by your legislation.

Can I sell my land on the marketplace in the future?

Yes, you can.

Will each land have its own application?

No, all lands have the same opportunities. The only difference in the lands is that the most popular projects are in the center.

How do I get my personal AI after purchase?

Buying land is not connected to the AI. The AI assistant is created separately by you based on the data you collect while using Homespace (this data is stored only with you or protected cryptographically). However, when your assistant is ready, you can attach it to your land.

Your land can be used for business and influencers - it is clear. But why do common users need them?

Users can place their AI copy here and create their resume as a digital copy of their consciousness. Forget about boring interviews. Your digital copy will be able to answer any questions 24/7, without weekends or breaks. You can also restrict access only to your loved ones, giving them the opportunity to communicate with you even when you are no longer there.