Metasite Network

What is Metasite

Imagine that by following the link in the browser, instead of a flat site, a person will find himself in a three-dimensional space with photorealistic graphics and full interactivity. Metasites are the future of the internet, and we, Homespace Metaverse, aim to fill the niche with the best photorealistic version of those.

What is Homespace


A system of libraries to support the operation of metasites as well as the indexing of all metasites connected to the system (checking licences and compliance with system rules), includes a streaming system to convert new users and provide streaming as a B2B service. AI as core of the system.

metasite builder

A builder that allows digital agencies and then users to create their own metasites and cinematics for them including content for social networks, as well as to connect various modules and plugins. Part of the builder is an Asset Shop, where customers can sell and buy everything they need to create meta-sites (templates, buildings, effects, etc.). Builder have a hosting system to host metasites.


Metabrowser is a desktop application that allows the user to browse metasites using their own computer. It contains a system of user accounts with their avatars and assets, as well as a basic Homespace wallet for all transactions within the network. Extensions to the metabrowser are built-in modules with crypto-purses and other services. The metabrowser opens up the possibility of using VR on meta-sites.

Gaming Spaces

University Space



Show and sell real goods in the virtual world, letting people interact with them and develop brand's image

Create your own Homespace, explore amazing virtual spaces, meet with friends and make new ones

Project Roadmap


Creating scalable code architectures

for complex IT projects since 2013

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Ashot Karapetian


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Aleksei Zaikov


Iui Sin Iu Sofia


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