Start using Advantages of Meetings in 3D Spaces

Say goodbye to boring gray screens (and faces). Create a space for yourself or your project and provide the right atmosphere for your meetings, AMA sessions or events.


During your meetings, you can create interactive 3D mind maps, draw in space, place materials, or show 3D presentations impossible on traditional platforms. Moreover your virtual avatar will always look great.

Place your own AI Assistant in your space, who can help you schedule meetings, send reminders, take notes, and even answer simple queries during the meeting.


Translation, the ability to create your own AI replica to represent you in a meeting when you are unable to attend, along with a variety of other features will be available in the future.

Use Advanced AI Tools

Elevate your events, meetings, conferences, or your project's social hub to a whole new level by creating your own branded space. Interact with your audience in a personalized environment and establish your project's presence among major players. Schedule meetings, collaborate, and showcase your work.


Our AI could be a representor of your project or services.

Create your Project Space and Make it Work for you


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Use public spaces and tools for free. Keep an eye out for projects you enjoy.


Get access to the Space Constructor and create your own meeting space with your Branding.


Use advanced pay-as-you-go AI tools and streaming for your users.


Virtual Cities, Large Offices and Social Hubs with own scalable servers, hosted on external sites, special functions and development.


Interactive Meeting Platform

Download Client (Demo v3.02)