Design the dream house you've always wanted and feel the warmth of a homecoming right now. Use this space for your virtual meetings or let it be your personal sanctuary of serenity and strength. Order actual food from within your virtual abode and interact with a 3D visualized smart assistant ready to assist with any task. Become the creator of your own virtual world.

Create Your Dream Home in Virtual Reality

Be the best version of yourself or step into the shoes of a character you've always admired. Experience a different life — alter your voice, forge new relationships, delve into realistic games, and maintain your anonymity. In Homespace you can even create an AI version of yourself.

Use Photorealistic Avatars

Explore virtual versions of real cities where you can express thoughts you previously couldn't and influence the real world. Dive into musical and gaming communities dedicated to your favorite projects or personalities. Build your own community, share your views through your avatar, engage in games and music, and showcase your talents to the world.

Find or create a community of like-minded people



Use public areas and tools without paying. Watch for projects you like.


Unlock the Homespace Constructor to build your own Homespaces or create Meta-clips: directed and created by you scenes with the participation of AI.


Enjoy premium avatar assets, unique AI models, and integration with various VR gadgets. Utilize advanced AI tools, including translation, changing voice and AI Replicas with a pay-as-you-go system.



If you are a company who wants  to open represantative office in Virtual Cities, Create Music Meta-Movie or Community Hub for your Game or Business.