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Homespace NFT Shuttles

Homespace Shuttles is the first collection of NFT vehicles by Homespace Metaverse, dedicated to the launch of our first MVP. 525 Shuttles are released and divided into different types of rarities with unique features. 500 of them will be sold during the public sale, divided into 3 rounds, with the price increasing after each round. You can already test their functionality in our Demo version.

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Public Spaces

Travel to public virtual worlds featuring entertainment venues, educational institutions and game zones.

Explore the worlds of other users, and make new friends - in Homespace the possibilities are endless!


Gaming Spaces

University Space

Homespace - The Future of NFT* Art

Homespace NFT

Custom NFT

Architecture, Interiors

and Homespace AI-appearances

Pieces of Digital Art,

Furniture, Sculptures

The Homespace concept came about as our solution for the growing NFT* market’s pressing question:

What can you actually do with NFT art?


- Homespace NFT* Token

The NFT technology is rapidly changing the way we perceive digital art and its ownership, allowing anyone to become an art collector. However, unlike traditional art media, NFT artworks do not live up to their full potential as there are currently very few platforms that allow you to exhibit and thoroughly enjoy your digital collection.


At the same time, we’re on the verge of entering a new era of immersive virtual spaces as an alternative to conventional social media networks.

 Our team has been working to put together the foundations for a virtual platform that will make it possible to add real value to owning NFT art assets past the point of purchase.


We are introducing new NFT Art & Architecture into Homespace by teaming up with some of our favorite architects, interior designers and digital artists to bring their artistic vision into the virtual world, either in the form of a simple NFT artwork or a complex architectural design.




AI Assistant &

Virtual Companion


We’re designing Homespace to serve as a creative outlet and your personal peaceful nook in the world of virtual reality. To give you a better virtual home experience we are introducing an AI Assistant - your Virtual Companion, with a customizable appearance, voice, and personality. You can let your AI Companion develop organically, give it an interpretation of your own character or create a unique set of traits by filling out personality tests.

Based on your commands, the AI Assistant will be able to perform various tasks, including ordering food online, making recipe suggestions based on the ingredients inside of your virtual fridge, notifying you of new music album releases from your favorite artists, managing your calendar and schedule. The AI can also guide you through the Homespace tutorial, technical support, and development news.


What makes your AI Companion the closest thing to a true virtual friend is our machine learning technology, giving the AI the ability to understand and talk to you organically by reacting based on the information you have already shared. Using the knowledge of your preferences and interests to make Homespace Community or friend recommendations.To enrich your Homespace experience you can chat with your AI, explore the virtual world together, and watch your Companion grow with you.


Our future plans for the development of the AI include teaming up with professional psychologists to build a complex emotional support system.



Unreal Engine

Meta Human


Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

GPT2 or GPT3

AI - Minimal Viable






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Citizen Creation

First, you create your Homespace Citizen - your virtual self, and pick a name that can be seen by other users. You can tailor your Citizen’s appearance to your liking: their gender, skin color, body type, and facial features. Next, you can customize their hair color, hairstyle, makeup, accessories and clothing. You will be able to change the appearance of your Citizen at any time.

World Creation

Now you can create your personal virtual world - your Homespace, by selecting a location from the available options. In the initial release we plan to introduce the Alps: a mountain range and a lake; Japan: the view from Mount Kyoto, a Tokyo district; and a satellite of Jupiter. Next, you choose a house model out of the models created by our partner architects. As the project develops, you will be able to replace both the location and the house model with your own NFT assets.

Creative Mode

In Creative Mode you have access to an extensive interior design toolbox, allowing you to build walls, furnish your home with your own NFTs and objects from our catalog, and customize their color, texture, and dimensions to match your style. Add finishing touches and set the lighting to achieve the desired ambiance.


In this mode you will be able to adjust room privacy settings, selecting which rooms can be accessed by your guests and other Homespace users from the Explore page.

User Interaction

Once you are satisfied with your Homespace, you can create a World Address, available as a shareable HTTP link, that allows anyone to visit your world. You will be able to interact with your guests and communicate with other users via text and voice chat.


You can visit other Homespaces from the Explore page, find inspiration, and vote on your favorite user-designed homes. Discover unique communities of like-minded people or create your own. Play in-world games, participate in virtual events, make new friends, and do so much more in a variety of Homespace Worlds.



Public Homespace Worlds

You can visit Public Homespace Worlds to participate in a variety of activities in user-created Community Spaces, virtual game clubs, educational institutions, and entertainment venues such as virtual museums, music clubs, and cinemas. You can also explore the AI Gallery where our AI will create visual art and music based on community voting.


Our first planned Public World, DeFi City, will feature virtual buildings leased annually to DeFi businesses. In this world, users will be able to purchase real and virtual products, conduct stock trading, and use other DeFi services directly from Homespace.


Project Roadmap

Creating scalable code architectures

for complex IT projects since 2013

Core team

Timur Suleimanov

CEO of Homespace

СEO of Vergil Development


Nikita Kovrigo

Chief Operating Officer at Homespace

Arya Pekarskaya

Chief Communication Officer

PR & Marketing Manager


Nikita Mishchenko

Chief Technology Officer at Homespace

Yulie Pareniuk

Chief Marketing Officer at Homespace

German Tiumentsev

Machine Learning Department

Team Lead

Vladimir Chugui

Unreal Engine Senior Developer

Aidar Iukhma

Unreal Engine Senior Developer

Vladimir Sachuk

Unreal Engine Senior Developer

Yaroslav Nikolaev

3D Department Team Lead

Senior 3D-Artist

Aleksandr Rybin

3D Designer & NFT Specialist

Batyr Bobetaev

Senior Full Stack Developer at Vergil Development

Evgeny Samoilenko

DevOps Engineer

Sanzhar Sandybekov

Senior Researcher

Sergey Kozhevnikov

QA Manager

Anatolii Kabanov

Senior Fullstack Developer

Artemy Dmitriev

Dev Department Team Lead

Full Stack Senior Developer at

Vergil Development

Georgy Muratov

Fullstack Senior Developer

at Vergil Development

Alexandra Pereverzeva

Machine Learning Developer

Advisory board

Ali Nuraldin

Core contributor at Opium.Team

CTO at Vergil Development

Senior full stack & Ethereum Architect at Opium Network

Riccardo Biosas

Security engineer at Procore | prev. Opium Finance & Livepeer

Zhanibek Sadvakasov

DApp Developer at Opium Network

Senior Full Stack Developer at Vergil Development

Evgeny Nasretdinov

DApp Developer at Opium Network

Senior Full Stack Developer at Vergil Development

Timur Nyssynbaev

DApp Developer at Opium Network

Senior Full Stack Developer at Vergil Development

Tetiana Nikolska

Senior Architect Adviser

Homespace Core Creators

Roman Vlasov

Lead Homespace Architect

15 years Experience

150K+ subscribers

Dmitry Sivak

Senior Architect & Interior Designer

CEO of Sivak+Partners

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Community Center

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